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Cost of Washington D.C. Adult Day Care Centers

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of adult day care in Washington D.C. is $2,145 per month.

The monthly base rate for Washington D.C. adult day care is typically higher when compared to neighboring states. Washington D.C. is also more expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for in Washington D.C.. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

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Monthly Costs Compared to Neighboring States

Washington D.C.$2,145

Washington D.C. Adult Day Care Information

In Washington D.C., adult day care is called geriatric day care. Geriatric day care is defined as a therapeutic service provided to functionally impaired residents 60 years of age and older. Geriatric day services are designed to avoid or forestall institutionalization and keep residents at home as long as possible. Geriatric day care provides safe, supervised care during the day by professionally qualified personnel. Washington D.C. does not license or certify social model adult day care providers. However, it does require Medicaid providers to be certified; non-Medicaid providers must follow Office on Aging contracting requirements. Geriatric day care services can be provided to functionally impaired individuals who are 60 years of age or older and who are at risk for institutionalization if they do not receive geriatric day care services. They must be able to perform most activities of daily living with some assistance.

Washington D.C. Adult Day Care Minimum Standards

In the Washington D.C. only a qualified and licensed professional can supervise nursing services, such as injections and drug supervision shall be provided. No staffing ratio or training requirements are provided.

Washington D.C. Medicaid Waiver

Washington D.C. provides adult Medicaid day treatment through the District of Columbia Department of Health Medical Assistance Administration (MAA) Elderly Waiver, using Medicaid providers which have been certified by the Office of Disability and Aging.

Washington D.C. Adult Day Care Resources

District of Columbia Office on Aging
441 4th Street, NW, Suite 900 South
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 724-5622
Phone 2: (202) 724-5626
Fax: (202) 727-4979
TTY: (202) 724-8925

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