Learn About Adult Day Care

Getting Started

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care offers mental, social, and physical activities for adults who've lost some independence due to cognitive impairments or chronic health conditions.

Benefits of Adult Day Care

The benefits of adult day care: provides meals, activities, and social interaction in a facility where older adults are monitored by trained staff

Services Offered in Adult Day Care

Adult day services are the perfect fit for families who wish to keep their aging loved ones at home, but need help during the day while they work.

Who uses Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is an important care option for family caregivers who give unpaid in-home care for elderly relatives, disabled adults, friends, or neighbors.

Adult Day Care Staff

Adult day care staff requirements are not as stringent as medical facilities no nurses or certified nurse aides unless they provide day health

Paying for Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care Costs

The adult day care costs for each state are listed according the the cost of adult day care in the state. The list of adult day care cost allows you to see how costs vary across the country.

Does Medicare Pay for Adult Day Care?

Medicare partners with Medicaid to sponsor the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. It pays for adult day care

Does Medicaid Pay for Adult Day Care?

Adult day health centers deliver programs for health, therapy, social services and activities to people needing care. Medicaid Waivers help individuals pay for care.

Choosing Adult Day Care

Selecting an Adult Day Care Facility

Selecting an adult day care center for an aging parent or disabled relative takes a different set of qualifiers than looking for a nanny or day care for a child.

Community Based Adult Day Care

A variety of adult healthcare options like community-based day care allow adults to age in place while receiving needed personal care support.

What to Expect as an Adult Day Care Client

Clients of adult day care centers expect help to better manage independence, to be social, have good meals, and to actively participate with peers

Going to Adult Day Care

Activities in Adult Day Care

The activities offered to adults in day care centers, give enjoyment, entertainment, and companionship. The greatest benefit of all; engagement with peers.

Is Adult Day Care Safe?

Adult day care creates an environment filled with safeguards that promise a safe daytime environment for adults who cannot stay at home alone during the day

Owners, Staff, Caregivers

Starting an Adult Day Care

Adult day care is a growing industry. Follow these steps to start and open an adult day care center in your community.


Adult Day Care hires a number of caregiver specialists depending on the services offered to seniors and people living with disabilities


If you're outgoing and friendly and enjoy teaching and sharing with others, then you might be a great fit as a volunteer in the adult day care sector

adult day care

Adult day care centers are senior care locations that are open during normal business hours and provide various care services, supervision and social interaction for the elderly. Seniors generally attend adult day care on a scheduled basis which can provide relief to caretakers, such as family members or caregivers. Seniors who attend adult day care can benefit from the increased companionship and social interaction with others.

Adult day care centers typically provide social activities, meals and various health care services that can range from medication management to physical therapy. Adult day care locations may operate as stand-alone facilities, or may be located in nursing facilities, senior centers or other areas. AdultDayCare.org is a national resource for adult day care centers. Our directory contains 4,600 adult day care locations across the United States.

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